Olan Witt’s involvement in Gospel Music spans more than 30 years. He has been involved in every aspect of the Gospel Music Industry including Musician, Singer, Concert Promoter, Trade Magazine Publisher and Record producer. His Gospel Music career started at the age of 15 when he started traveling as a musician (Drummer) for several Regional groups. During the 80s started playing professionally for such groups as The Telestials, Gold City and the Dixie Melody Boys (DMB Band). For several years he published a magazine called Christian Music News during this time he was also heavily involved with studio work as a partner in Sunbelt Sound in Moultrie, GA. Olan played on as well as produced many recordings.

"I’ve always viewed Gospel Music as a ministry" states Olan "It’s the only music that delivers a message that can change lives."

Olan along with several other gentlemen including Dean Pickering formed the Florida Gospel Music Association in 1989. "We wanted to form an Association to bring Groups together with the common goal of spreading the message of the Gospel". Also in the mid 90s Olan felt the need to be more involved in the ministry aspect of Gospel Music so he reformed his group "The Accords."

After 30 plus years the passion to spread the Gospel through music still burns. He also has a desire to see the FGMA grow as well as the groups involved. "After all these years Dean and I are always looking for ways to improve the FGMA and benefit those involved."